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Sugar Busters


What is Sugar Busters?

Sugar Busters! uses the glycemic index to identify low-sugar foods. Like Atkins and South Beach Diet, this takes refined sugar and processed grain carbohydrates such as white flour and white rice off the table. High-fiber carbohydrate foods, such as whole grains, play a key role with some 40 percent of calories coming from the food group. Vegetables with naturally occurring sugars like carrots and corn are discouraged while vegetables with less sugar and more fiber like celery and sprouts are encouraged. Fats are recommended to be lean and trim and low-fat dairy products are encouraged over the heavy creams. At least 20 minutes of exercise, four days a week is recommended.

How does Sugar Busters work?

Calorie counting is replaced with determining the glycemic levels of foods. The book also discusses what time of day is best to eat certain food types such as never eating meats before bed time. Also, some food combinations are avoided with the idea that pairing them up increases the amount of fat the body makes from a meal. For example, eating fruits and meats together is not recommended. Exercise is required but dieters are cautioned not to over do it to avoid burning out.

What does research say?

The success of low-glycemic index diets has been mixed among researchers. In general, short-term studies tend to indicate the diet has significant weight-loss success, while long-term studies tend to show less significance between the results achieved with high and low glycemic diets.



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