Information to Help You Choose a Weight Loss Diet




OPTIFAST is a program that replaces meals with low-calorie nutrition products like shakes and soups. Participants are monitored at area clinics with the amount of time spent on the meal replacements depending on the length of the your program.

How does OPTIFAST work?

An example of a year-long program is 12 weeks of meal replacements, six weeks of transition to solid food, twelve weeks behavioral counseling and 24 weeks of maintenance. Shorter programs are also available.

What does research say?

A 2005 review examines studies of commercial weightloss programs including OPTIFAST. Case studies of medically supervised very-low-calories diets found people who completed the program lost approximately 15 percent to 25 percent of their initial weight. But those programs were also associated with high costs and a high probability of regaining 50 percent or more of the weight back within one or two years, according to the study. The review noted that many studies did not control for high attrition rates and therefore results may be more reflective of best-case scenarios.


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