Information to Help You Choose a Weight Loss Diet



What is AmazeRX?

AmazeRX is a liquid meal replacement drink that comes with a guarantee that if you are at least 25 pounds over weight you will lose those hard to lose first 20 pounds or the hard to lose last 20 pounds. The product is marketed by Dr. Rick Carter, a bariatric surgeon who has long given the drink to his patients before they have weight-loss surgery. It is described as a high-protien-based product and several examples are given of people who have lost up to a pound or more a day using the product.

How does AmazeRX work?

The drink replaces two meals each day with the third meal eaten being sensible. The powder can be mixed with water or blended with ingredients ranging from juice to peanut butter. The drink is 160 calories per serving. Depending on your size and age and how sensible your third meal is, following the diet would likely greatly reduce the number of calories taken in each day.

What does research say?

A 2003 study that reviewed data of clinical trials that used partial meal replacements found dieters lost 7-8 percent body weight compared to 3-7% body weight for groups on conventional reduced calorie diets. A 2008 study that evaluated high-protein and standard-protein drink meal replacements used twice daily found both resulted in about the same amount of weight being lost. Infomercial Watch claims the product is being marketed deceptively by not making it clear that the people shown in the television commercial are lapband recipients.



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