Information to Help You Choose a Weight Loss Diet

Best Life


What is The Best LIfe?

This three-phase program is touted by Bob Greene, a health guru who helped Oprah Winfrey lose weight, who advocates steady, life-long changes that promote healthy eating and exercise to shed pounds. Greene works to help the reader accept that losing a lot of weight at the beginning of a diet is likely water loss and not conducive to reaching a long-term goal. Reading the series of articles on Greene's web site is a good starting point to determine if this diet will work for you.

How does The Best Life work?

Unlike many diets where the first phase is the most restrictive, at the beginning of Best Life your asked to make incremental changes including eating three meals a day, taking a vitamin and a recommendation of exercise. Phase two focuses on exercise and eating the right foods to lose weight and the final part tells you how to maintain your weight. Greene goes to great lengths to explain how exercise helps your body drop the pounds.

What does research say?

We haven't found a lot of clinical trials done on this diet but a panel of nutritionists convened by Consumer Reports made The Best Life Diet book a top pick.



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