Information to Help You Choose a Weight Loss Diet



What is Medifast?

Medifast is a low-fat, low-calorie diet where participants purchase prepared foods purchased for about $300 a month and eat one "lean and green" home prepared meal each day. Participants can join and online community or visit a center for support. After reaching goal weight, you are transitioned to regular foods but if you stay on the weight loss program for more than 16 weeks, medical monitoring is recommended.

How does Medifast work?

The Medifast shakes, soups or puddings are described as low-fat, low-glycemic and low-calorie. The foods are also low in carbohydrates with a bar having more than the other products but you are limited to one bar each day. The one meal prepared yourself each day is a lean meat and a green vegetable. This eliminates fruits and starches, making this diet low in most everything. The plan is called "5 & 1" because five Medifast products are eaten each day and one meal is prepared by you.

What does research say?

A 2008 study that evaluated Medifast concluded that the results were better than those typically reported for obesity pharmacotherapy and partial meal replacement programs. The study analyzed 1,351 patient charts but only included charts of people who had participated for atleast 12 weeks.



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